Private tattoo studios for rent in Shoreditch​

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Combining the natural balance of freedom and privacy, we have created the perfect space to inspire you. Noka offers you a fixed price private studio with no extra overheads or rates.

Your stylish private space in the heart of vibrant Shoreditch will have everything you need to tattoo, from essential furniture and printers to consumables: we have thought of everything. All equipment is the highest quality and included in the price. Noka gives you the freedom of a private studio without the stress, all you need to do is book clients, turn up and tattoo in a safe, clean, and personal environment tailored to your needs.

Available for daily or long-term hire, we can offer you the flexibility to take control of your schedule and work on your own terms without the financial commitments of a conventional private studio. You can work in Noka with the confidence that your clients have the privacy they need, and you have support of a studio without the responsibility or pressure. Noka is designed to deliver the perfect experience to you and your client.

Your space, your rules. No disruptions or distractions. Just you, your clients, and your work. Fill in the details below and we can get in touch to answer any questions, arrange an in person viewing of the space and organise your free trial.

See what other artists have to say…

“Lockdown was hard for all of us in the tattoo industry but one positive I took from it was time to reflect on what I wanted to do with my career going forward. For the past 8 years before that I had been happily working in studios. I think when you’re starting your journey it’s important to learn in these spaces. After some serious thought, I wanted to have my own place. That’s when I discovered NOKA. The set-up is absolutely perfect for me, I have my own container and I can decorate exactly how I want. Because of its location I am among other business owners and it feels like working in a little village. Especially as a woman working on my own, I feel incredibly safe because of this.

Working around other tattooists still gives you the community feel too. I couldn’t recommend this enough for an artist thinking about going on their own. NOKA provide all your gloves/Vaseline etc, and also have stencil machine.”

Rebecca Vincent, @rebecca_vincent_tattoo

“Working at NOKA has been great! All the benefits of a big shop, with less of the hassle. A private space to work from has helped both me and my customers feel really comfortable. Highly recommended!”

Matt Bailey, @baileydraws_

“I very much enjoy coming to NOKA. I can just go online, book the days I need and turn up in a perfectly clean and comfortable room with everything I need to get going.

There’s also great lunch options and good coffee shops close by.

With the tube and overground just a short walk away. It make is convenient to get to for my customers and myself.”

Paul Goodwin, @offlinetattoos

“When I first moved to London I was lucky to have the opportunity to work in NOKA studios. I loved that area so much already and that combined with the freedom and convenience supplied by the studio, I had a truly great experience there. It allowed me to focus entirely on my craft without pressures I found in the usual studio setup.”

Steven McKenzie, @mckenzietattooer

“In my opinion, NOKA gives the individual artist an opportunity to focus on their customer in a private space, whilst having access to support, and everything you need to work from a tattoo studio. This craft has widely expanded in the past 5 years, and whilst the dynamic of a good tattoo shop and should always be integral to tattooing. I myself am more comfortable working in a more closed, personal environment. There’s opportunity to create a space, draw inspiration and be part of a community, or you can be left to your own devices and work like Gollum at your own pace.

For a travelling artist or someone looking to guest in the city, it gives you flexibility and is a different approach to the traditional studio set up that I personally think still respects tattooing, tattooers, and their clients. It offers a relaxed base for you to prioritise what you need and create the work you want to, in a space you can control.

I welcome diversifying and challenging an industry set up that gives people viable, safe options in how they chose to approach their work setting as a self-employed artist.”

Kelly Violet, @kellyviolence

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