Private tattoo studios built for individual artists

Freedom to Tattoo Your Way


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Containerville, 38 The Oval, London. E2 9DT

Why choose NOKA?

Here’s your own fully fitted personal space to express yourself as an artist.

Now you can book jobs, walk in, and get down to work on your own terms, with privacy guaranteed for your clients. Best of all, your business overheads are fixed for you … and no one takes a slice of your earnings.

The deal is simple. Take your pick from one of our fully equipped and affordable, single space tattoo studios. Right in the heart of Shoreditch, your new home pulls in trade from across the city. Hire daily or longer term, and build your customer base from these vibrant locations.

Everything you need is all set up, from essential furnishings to daily consumables. Total privacy is guaranteed. Secure location keeps everyone happy.

No disruptions or distractions. Just you, your clients and your work.