About Us

We built this for you! Our passion began 15 years ago with our first studio working directly with some of the best tattoo artists over the years immersing ourselves in the middle of the community and observing the craft from a uniquely intimate position that very few get the opportunity to do.

Over the years we have had the fortune to not only work with some amazing tattooists but also work on projects that have brought their creativity to other mediums through exhibitions, events and even industry specific publications always driven by the desire to be at the forefront of tattooing and its progression as an art form, craft and tool to connect people.

Having had hundreds of guest artists through our studios as well as residents that frequently travel we discovered that booking guest spots with different deals, opening times and rules was something that was time consuming and on top of this in many situations artists didn’t know who they would work with whilst they were there and how the atmosphere would be in the space for them and their customers.

Even small details like the choice in music have proven to cause some discomfort in the studio. We have always encouraged artists to push for their own independence freeing themselves up to create the career and life that fits the way they would like to live. With this in mind NOKA was born. With a vision to create private spaces throughout Europe that are flexible to rent, offer privacy for you and your customer and are both affordable and easy to book with everything you need to have a comfortable, enjoyable experience. NOKA is the future for the modern tattoo artist.