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Our latest private tattoo studios to rent in vibrant London & Cardiff

Private tattoo studios built for individual artists

Freedom. Flexibility. Privacy.

All-inclusive, No-nonsense Pricing

No more splitting earnings with studios. A single rental fee covers everything you need to start working, and your earnings are yours to keep.

Our rates are reasonable and affordable … all you need is your own tattoo machine, inks, needles and powerpack.

Furnished Workspace

All our studios come complete with a comfy tattoo chair, armrest and stool, desk, lighting, tattoo tray table, hand wash facilities, monitor and tables, plus a small waiting area for your clients.

This means you can walk in, set up, and get to work. Better still, when you shut the door behind you, the space is all yours. That’s important because it’s no secret that not all tattoos are for public consumption. You’ll have absolute privacy here, and your clients will thank you for this.

Our bluetooth speaker system adds life to the whole set-up. So pick a playlist … and get to work.

Daily Consumables

Setting up your own private studio means all kinds of costs can soar. Essentials like cling film and kitchen towels soon get used up. Week on week, here’s a drain on your pocket if you’re used to these costs being covered.

Here at NOKA, all your key daily consumables come free.

Everything is ready when you open the door. Here’s what you’ll find…

Additional Facilities

Our range of extras helps your day run smoother. Feel free to use our office any time between clients. Our fridge and microwave make it easy to sort your own lunch, thermal printer and colour printer handle design preparation and stencils. Locker space keeps valuables safe for you and your clients, and distilled water tops off your supplies.

See our FAQ for further details.

Build your clients and tattoo them your way


Noka Cardiff

54a Bute Street, Cardiff. CF10 5AF

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build your clients and tattoo them your way

Privacy. Freedom. Flexibility


Noka London

38 The Oval, London. E2 9DT